Sixth Life: 2015 – 2017

With each work the formats became larger, the technique more precise and the expression grew stronger. Life pictured my path to me and I danced on it now. When I painted the picture “Thus spoke the soul – Nevermore!” I felt, that it was once again time to try and break through to the world out there. I submitted this painting in a competition and lo and behold, I won the “Ernst and Rosa von Dombrovski Foundation Prize 2016”.



It enabled me, for the first time, to show the large-format works that I created in the dark in front of an audience – to show the world who I am now. After the award ceremony in late 2016, everything was happening at once and many doors were opened.



This was followed by the admittance to the Styrian Werkbund and participation in the group exhibition “Alice in Wonderland” in January 2017 at the „Künstlerhaus“ Museum Graz. One of my works was selected for the jubilee exhibition of the top 10 Gallery “Kunstraum” in Vienna and for the first time my paintings were shown in the capital of Austria at the “Water Worlds” exhibition. At the beginning of August, another picture was added to the group exhibition “Polarity3.3” of “Galerieprojekt 38” in Vienna and on November 3rd I was able to open my first solo exhibition called “Kraftakt” in the Werkbundgalerie in Graz. That same year, I participated in yet another group exhibition at the „Künstlerhaus“ Museum Graz, as well as in another exhibition in the top10 Gallery „Kunstraum“ in Vienna.



2017 was marked by artistic opportunities, but also by a second, much larger event.
In the summer of 2017, my brother Christoph fell seriously ill and it became clear to me that my main task and the very first priority for me was now to give support to my dying brother Christoph, no matter whether the eagerly awaited breakthrough was softly knocking at the door or not.
A little brother and his sister. Only him and me. It was a demanding time, balancing my bread-and-butter job, artistic assignments, great opportunities and probably the most important part in my whole life – being for my brother the bastion of calm that he needed.




I learned so much on this journey with Christoph, accompanying the last of my brothers to the beginning of the rainbow. I have seen and felt things that will touch and guide me forever. The transience of life in all of us, and the awareness that every single day given to us in this life is an ever recurring opportunity to make the best and most precious of it is a gift, that my wonderful brother gave me as a farewell-present – thanks for that, Christoph.



After his death, there were five further exhibitions in Vienna, Graz and Leobersdorf in 2018, until I arrived at a point where one word determined my life: fatigue.



So, after my artistic commitments at the beginning of the year, I structured the year 2018 in a calm manner to regain my energy, re-center myself and just work in my day job.
Most of the works that were created in 2018 are so personal, that I think they will forever be solely mine and will not feature in any exhibition in the world. But that is fair enough, not everything has to be shared.



© tamarakob