Seventh Life: 2019 –

At the beginning of the year, I quit my job as a waitress and travelled to Australia for visiting my mother, finding my lost inspiration again and solving the creative blockage that had taken hold on me. It was a very wholesome time, where I spent many hours by the sea with my drawing block. And quietly and slowly my creativity returned to me. What I put on paper was a refinement of what I had created so far. Stronger lines, preciser dots and a more sophisticated kind of facial expressions flowed from my hands. On my flight back to Austria, I brought new sketches that were better than anything I had created until then.



The works, which are in the making right now, amaze me all the time. Once again, I get to know myself through the gift that flows through my hands. I am still Tamara and yet I am not. Reborn again, I again recreate my world.



As never before I now know what the mission for my artistic talent shall be… I’m a storyteller. My experiences allow me to paint about life, death and the in between. Looking back on my journey so far, there were always two roles before me that I could have taken on. That of the victim, or that of the traveler. Once again, I chose the second one, because life is far too beautiful and a present far too valuable to fill with self-pity. For me personally, everything that has happened has given me the chance to be the best version of myself or at least to work on it every day. The Muse heals all wounds – she turns every scar into the most beautiful thing.



Back in Austria, the „Bakerhouse Gallery“ in Graz invited me to participate in their exhibition “Epic Women”, which was beautiful and opened new pathways. I am incredibly proud and delighted to have been accepted as an artist into the „Bakerhouse Gallery“ and they have many new projects in which I am able to participate. I and my pictures have now found a home and I am looking to an exciting future full of confidence and joy.



I am grateful for all the people who supported me on my way as an artist. Curt Schnecker, who first recognized me and my talent, Hubert Thurnhofer from the Gallery „Kunstraum“ in Vienna, who motivated me not to give up and ultimately the „Bakerhouse Gallery“ in Graz that promotes me, spurs me on and gives me a place to develop. Also, I would not be where I am now without my wonderful friends who support me by helping me with my homepage, explaining social media – which will probably always remain a mystery to me – correcting my lyrics and helping with translations or helping me to understand my camera and to use it properly and above all, who are all together my inspiration and drive my work and succxxess.

Art – my golden thread, my here, my now and my future. How I am glad about every minute before an initially white surface. How I am happy about my life.
Nothing would be as it is, if nothing had been as it had … and thus it is good.



To this Life, to Love and Friendship, to the Art and to the one thing that leads us to the place where we belong!



© tamarakolb