Introducing myself

How to start? I guess the best way is by introducing yourself. Who am I? Why do I do what I do? Why take the path of being an artist?
I think all answers are strewn about the path of my life. A very extraordinary one, one that could fill a telenovela with 5000 episodes.
There were times when I railed against it – looking back at it now, however, I value every facet, every high and every defeat, as through all of it I became a person I myself like very much.


Nothing would be as it is, if nothing had been as it had.


I like this quote, although I have forgotten from whom it stems. Was it Cora E, who I listened to as a teen in my hip-hop-phase? Was it from someone I had to quote at school – one of these great men and women that are supposed to be interesting to you, but in puberty rarely are, sadly?
I don’t remember. But whoever it was, thank you for that. It was a constant encouragement and also some kind of kerosine, which my soul needed for fuel, when I fell into an air pocket again, as once more, one of my pipedreams imploded.
So, in my next entries I guess I will best introduce myself by telling the tale of my path up until now. Yes, I think this is the way I should start this biography of mine.


Mesdames et Messieurs, I invite you to a journey through seven lives. Seven lives that are so colourful, so sad, so big and so small as a roundel of tones, describing a melody.


My melody.


© tamarakolb