Tamara Kolb, art, artist,contemporary art


I am a rider of worlds, dancer in fire, lover of beauty, I delve into memories and dreams and sail to the shores of my being.

My hands guide the lines of my mind. They paint what I felt and saw, what is and what was.


My talent is devoted to life and death and to the stories in between, these grand pillars of our finite lives.

I paint stories about the treasures that dwell, through them, inside my heart.

They spur me on, they shape me anew, time and again.

They urge me daily to be the best version of myself.


It is a home, a refuge, it gives me space to grow and to heal what had been broken.

It is my destiny, my passion, my fountainhead of life.


Every flower in my paintings blooms at the behest of a message, and every beast brings tidings of that which is too great to put into words.

Lines become symbols,
symbols form a roundel,
which spins and relates what I want to express.

Art – my golden thread, my Here and Now, my future.

To Art, the Muses, to Inspiration and this life!