Commission Work     Semmering railway

80 x 100 cm
Acryl, Ink and 24 Karat Gold on Canvas
The Semmering railway was constructed between 1848
and 1854 by some 20,000 workers under the project‘s
designer and director Carl von Ghega born in Venice
as Carlo Ghega in an Albanian family. The construction
features 14 tunnels (among them the 1,431 m summit
tunnel), 16 viaducts (several two-storey) and over
100 stone arch bridges and 11 small iron bridges. The
stations and the buildings for the supervisors were often
built directly from the waste rock dug out when making
the tunnels.
160 years after its building, i was inspired and
impressed by its varied landscape, the typical style of
its mansions and the characteristic sequence of viaducts
and tunnels.
In 1998 the Semmering railway was added to the list of
the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

art, artdeco, contemporaryart, fineart