The Verdict


160×120 cm
Acrylic on Canvas


I had placed all my pieces in retrospection,

linked my circle in utter perfection.

Everything put into place carefully

and lived my life in sweet harmony.

Then came fate and blew only one away,

which caused my world to begin to sway.

Chaos now reigns over the salvation of my soul,

will it from now on be the decisive part of my life’s goal?

I am of two minds whereto I can flee,

unfurl my wings and face the question, the doubt:

light or dark, and above all, what happens to me?

I might stay and watch, how it all turns out,

if hope for the Light alone will serve sufficiently.

May Chaos give way to a new start

end eventually every part,

string together once more to form Order

and move Fortune’s benign benediction forward.

This time, the pieces shall not be placed by my hand,

no, better this time by Time’s healing band.



© tamara kolb

art, contemporaryart, kunst, tamara kolb